Fable - a short tale to teach a moral lesson, a story about supernatural or extraordinary persons or incidents;  legend

We didn’t choose the name, it kind of chose us.  Amongst friends and foes alike, people tell us we aren’t the norm, that most girls don’t love bikes the way we do.  And for awhile we believed them … but it wasn’t long until we began to find other women riders like us all across the nation and then across the globe.  For too long the “myth” surrounding our existence has stood in the way of true product innovation of riding gear for women, a lack of funds for female pioneers in the sport, and recognition of the ever growing female riding population.  

We’re ready to show them just how real we can be with high quality riding apparel made our way, targeted marketing to our core female riders, and a true investment back into our riders and racers who support us.  

It’s time to write our own story, come ride with us!


Contact Us:  jend@fableriders.com