The Fable 8 with Sera Williamson

by Fable Riders January 30, 2017

From down-under in Aussie land, Sera Williamson dishes in our first edition of the Fable 8!


1 ~ Tell us your name, and your nick name (or IG handle)!

Sera Williamson , IG @serawilliamson

2 ~ Tell us what you ride!

Gsxr600 road bike / NINJA250 track bike


3 ~ Who do you find to be an inspirational motorcycle figure? Why?

Redspade (Anna Rigby) was the first female rider I found on social media that wasn't wearing a bikini next to some guys bike - she was a normal girl who loved riding like me so I could identify with her. Also my girl Tracey Davies who has been racing in Melbourne for around 12 years. She has given me so much help and inspired me from the moment we met at the track.


4 ~ Where is one place you would love to go riding, and why?

There's a few, I'd love to check out the famous 'snake' I hear all you guys talking about! I'd love to ride the Isle of Mann (not race there I don't think I'm brave enough!) Tasmania in Australia is said to have incredible roads, and I'd love to go riding back home in New Zealand on a big bike. The windy roads are epic and not far from most major towns. Scenery is breathtaking.

Id love to ride a few international tracks.

5 ~ Where is your favorite chill spot on your bike?

Mount Macedon, Victoria.


6 ~ What is your absolute favorite color to rep while riding, and your least favorite?

Black and funnily enough I'm not a big fan of wearing lots of pink! The detailing on my suit is perfect though. I can't stand ladies tattoo flower type designs.

7 ~ Fast forward 8 years from now - what type of bike will you be on? Where will you be riding?

I'd most likely say a bigger trackbike with more aftermarket goodies!


8 ~ If there was some wisdom you wanted to impart on other female motorcyclists - experienced and new, fast and slow, old and young - what would it be?

Motorcycling brings people together in a form of community that many people might not have on the outside. I think its important that the experienced help the new, and pass the knowledge down like elders would in a family. Its a very Yan (masculine, powerful) environment, so make sure you stay balanced with your Yin (feminine, nurturing) side too!


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Fable Riders
Fable Riders


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