The Fable 8 with Laura Craft

by Fable Riders February 19, 2017

With an unmistakable mane of waving hair and a cyan BMW S1000R that makes us blue with envy, Laura Craft from the East Coast tells all in this week's edition of the Fable 8!

1 ~ Tell us your name and your nickname (or IG handle)!
It's Laura Craft.  (IG: @LauraCraft). Think Tomb Raider ;)
2 ~ Tell us what your ride!
I've got a sweet BMW s1000rr that used to be Nate Kern's race bike.
3 ~ Who do you find to be an inspirational motorcycle figure, and why?
I adore Melissa Paris and Jen Dunstan.  I know, I know; I'm writing this for Fable but it's true.  I closely align myself with those I look up to.  You should look for influences that inspire you to reach higher levels and surround yourself with people you admire.  In my inner circle of riding, Anna Rigby (RedSpade) is someone I admire tremendously for her character and her motorcycle journey.
4 ~ Where is one place you would love to go riding, and why?
I want to go to Italy and ride the coast.  California has been on my list for too long as well. I'm believer in right timing, and I've got my whole life ahead of me to make those trips happen.  One day the urge will be so large that I will have no choice but to ride in those places!
5 ~ Where is your favorite chill spot on your motorcycle?
Well my favorite biker cafe in north Georgia mountains closed about a year ago.  I'm still in mourning.  The new spots haven't stuck yet.  I'm open to that new spot, just haven't found it yet.
6 ~ What is your absolute favorite color to rep while riding, and your least favorite?
I like classic colors and sharp designs.  My favorite is black and white with an accent color of blue, red or purple.  Fable base layers represent a fantastic design with the right amount of color.
7 ~ Fast forward 8 years from now - what type of bike will you be on? Where will you be riding?
The easy part to answer is that I'll be riding all over the world.  The harder part is the type of bike.  I image probably having two bikes, a sports bike and a touring bike.  Of course, they both need to be fun bikes.  I enjoy the feel of riding a bike that I have to put a little effort into.
8 ~ If there was some wisdom you wanted to impart on other female motorcyclists - experienced and new, fast and slow, old and young - what would it be?
Have fun!  Go at your own pace and set goals that you want to achieve.  It's your journey so ride as long as it brings a smile to your face.  
To give you perspective, I started riding knowing no one that rode a motorcycle; it was terrifying and thrilling all at the same time.  I didn't care how slow I went.  It was a badge of honor that I could even ride and keep the bike shiny side up.
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Fable Riders
Fable Riders


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