The Fable 8 with Amber Moto Yogi

by Fable Riders May 15, 2017

This episode of the Fable 8 features long-time Fable supporter Amber. Amber resides in San Diego and is well-known for combining her passion for riding with Yoga! Read along for more insights from this moto yogi!

1 ~ Tell us your name and your nickname (or IG handle)!
Amber, @ambez_motoyogi is my IG...pronounced am be z

2 ~ Tell us what your ride!
'13 Kawi 636 and '16 Aprilia RSV4
3 ~ Who do you find to be an inspirational motorcycle figure? Why?
Rossi. He has remained humble and still kicks ass even if he is one of the oldest on the track. He's such a jokester and really appreciates his fans and takes time for them. I dig that.
4 ~ Where is one place you would love to go riding, and why?
Europe. I'd love to do a moto tour through Europe. The serenity of the landscape, open winding roads, mountains and various cultures to absorb and learn about along the way. Not to mention great back drops for some stop drop and motoyogi fun.
5 ~ Where is your favorite chill spot on your bike?
Typically at the top of Idyllwild at Red Kettle for the street, otherwise Chuckwalla.
6 ~ What is your absolute favorite color to rep while riding, and your least favorite?Purple...usually with a flouro red or bright orange combo. Least favorite is pink, especially pastel pink.
7 ~ Fast forward 8 years from now - what type of bike will you be on? Where will you be riding?
Aprilia love love that bike. Most likely somewhere remote with less of a population and not in the US. Still TBD on where that is. Haha!
8 ~ If there was some wisdom you wanted to impart on other female motorcyclists - experienced and new, fast and slow, old and young - what would it be?
Do you. Be your own advocate and follow your passions. Learn at your own pace and based on your own goals. One goal at a time and lots of seat time will get your there.



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