Our Top 5 Healthy and Hardy Snacks and Drinks on the Go-Go-Go!

by Fable Riders March 30, 2017

Whether you’re heading out to the race track or packing up the bags for a road adventure, sometimes it can be tough to pack healthy snacks on the go.  Fruits get bruised almost instantaneously, and there’s always the dreaded cooler water seeping into all of your fresh health foods, whether its fruits or deli meat packs :::shudders:::.  We’ve got some top picks of snacks that pack well, taste good, and won’t make you feel guilty afterward.

This sad banana couldn't even survive the gentle drive out to the track...RIP Banana! But a good solution to sensitive, tender raw fruits is....

1. Squeezable fruit/veg packs - Ok, these things are a godsend.  All the goodness of fresh fruits, none of the bruising/juicing/rotting mess.  Added bonus when you find the veggie blends too, always eat your veggies!


2. Fatsbars and Granola Bars - Kind of obvious right?  But be honest...how many times have you skipped over that granola bar for a candy bar instead?  This is the healthy list so we’re keeping it healthy!  Avoid any chocolate/peanut butter chip flavors because they become a hot melty mess just a few miles down the road.  Also if you’re on a paleo-centric diet, you gotta check out Fatsbars.  Fatsbars is founded by pro British Superbike Roadracer James Rispoli and we’ve got to say they’re pretty darn tasty!


3. Coconut Water - Alright, it’s true, not all coconut water is created equal!  But compared to the high fructose corn syrup and teeth destroying dyes used in a lot of major sportsdrinks, we say grab one of these instead for your electrolyte needs.


4. Homemade “SunShine” - This clever little electrolyte cocktail comes from some of our favorite club racers, Sofia and Matt.  Fed up with the high prices and loads of chemicals in sportsdrinks, Matt and Sofia stalked WebMD.com one day and developed their own electrolyte drink for the frugal racer.  We’re not gonna lie, we thought it was kind of fun to sit around and brew up some of our own ‘racing fuel’ for a long weekend at the track.  Some important tips 1) Keep this drink super frosty AT ALL TIMES.  It doesn’t go bad persay, but drinking this brew lukewarm was not our favorite. 2) Stir or shake, whatever it takes, try to keep your Sunshine mix as blended as possible.  3) If you can’t handle salty flavors, skip this one.  No matter what flavors you add, there’s no avoiding the saltiness of this drink (you do know that salt is electrolytes, yes?)  


Matt & Sofia’s Sunshine - combine the following; measuring accurately. Use within 4 days and store in glass or Nalgene bottles.

- 1qt bottled or purified water

- 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

- 1/2 teaspoon of table salt (NaCl)

- 1/4 teaspoon of Salt Substitute (KCl) like Morton Salt Substitute or LiteSalt

- 2 tablesoons of sugar

- One packet of strawberry Crystal Light for flavor and color (avoid citrus flavors, it might make your Sunshine a fizzy mess!)


5. Over-Night Oatmeal - No more smashed muffins or sugary pastries, these over-night oats will have you looking forward to breakfast on your next moto adventure! Super easy recipe, a million ways to flavor it, eat them hot or chilled… really, the possibilities are endless. Use a thermos or stainless steel container for durable packing, we used the mason jars for the photos (pintrest AF!)

Basic Banana Over-Night Oatmeal - mix together oats and milk and cinnamon, top with banana, and refrigerate overnight.

- 1/4 cup quick oats

- 1/2 cup milk (or replace with soy/almond milk)

- sliced banana

- cinnamon to taste

And there you have ‘em, our top 5 picks for health drinks and snacks for the track. Have you got more to add to the list that keep it healthy and pack worthy? Send us a note and we’ll add it in our next Track Snacks edition!

Fable Riders
Fable Riders


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