Babes in The Dirt 3: A ladies only Moto-Venture!

by Fable Riders May 08, 2017


Photo: Babes Ride Out @babesrideout

Over 500 ladies from across the nation journeyed to Hungry Valley OHV park in Gorman CA for the third annual Babes in the Dirt event. From never-ridden-a-motorcycle to full-fledged WMX champions like Ashley Fiolek, every walk of lady rider found camaraderie and 2-wheel adventures abound at Babes in the Dirt 3!

Our journey started with some hellacious friday afternoon Socal Traffic, but once into the hills of Gorman CA we found many peaceful vista’s driving through the park through sunset. As we approached the campsite the bonfire was already roaring and karoke was in full swing! We met girls from all up and down the west coast and sang along to all of our favorites.

Ready to call it a night, we set up our happy glamping van for the weekend. We half slept through a windy and freezing night (note to self, electric blanket next year!) but woke up bright eyed and fluffy tail for some riding! Threw on our Fable base layers, jacket armor and padded shorts (because dirt still hurts) and our MX kit and we’re ready to ride. We found a bunch of familiar faces in the rider’s meeting and made plans to link up for some rides.


Photo: Mayra Tinajero @mayraalt

Lindsay Lovell of Dirt Rider Magazine had a whole crew of lady riders from the Bonnier Group that she was leading on a ride and we were very happy to hop in on the action (also, how cool is it this moto media house has so many lady riders on staff? Rad!) Lindsay is a long-time dirt rider with skill and speed, so having her on the trails with us was a god-send. Only one aggressive trail spun us around with tail between the legs, other than that it was some twisted throttle the rest of the way! The Alta Redshift MX proved to be the most amazing experience out on the trails - no kick-starting, no stalling, no over-heating, no high idling, no wrong gears, just mega fun!


A quick lunch break and we run into WMX fast gal Ashley Fiolek. Naturally we need to track her down for a photo :)

Photo: Mayra Tinajero @mayraalt


We set off again for an afternoon ride and find some fun intermediate trails and climb our way up to some really gratifying vista’s on the top of Power Line Trail.

We return to the campsite for the evening shenanigans.  See See Motorcycles puts on a truly entertaining mini racing series where we all hooted and hollered along, and now it’s dinner time!

Photo: Mayra Tinajero @mayraalt

 Pit mate Mayra kept me eating healthy all weekend long with over-night oats and pre-packed salad pouches, yummy! Probably to make up for the adult beverages we consumed most of the night… oh, and the smores!


Photo: Mayra Tinajero @mayraalt

 The night culminates once again with some passionate karaoking (my favorite to belt it out with was Joan Jett’s “I love rock n roll”) and before you knew it I was ready for some more shut eye (this time bundled up in every piece of clothing I had….who knew it could get so cold out here in April???)

Just a few blinks and it’s Sunday already, where’d the weekend go!? We have time for one quick morning ride, so our friend Traci is kind enough to show us some really awesome trails with great flow and some obstacles to get the heart pumping. It’s back to the campsite and now time for the un-fun part; packing up and heading home.

This was our first off-road, van glamping adventure and it.was.AWESOME. All we can say is, when is the next one?!?! Big thanks to the entire Babes in the Dirt crew and sponsors for putting on an amazing event, you all deserve a huge pat on the back and we can’t wait to see you next year!

Photo: Alleigh Aguilar @rallyalleigh

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